Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Fifty Shades of Grey has stirred up a controversy last Valentines Day.  The moralists were all a-howling, while producers were a-hauling five hundred million plus dollars worldwide.  What is this dark side in humanity that finds so much pleasure in pain?  

Spices is perhaps the BDSM of food.  Try to eat a whole chili and you will understand why.    And yet, most culture have spices!   They dictated world trade during the Middle Ages, and brought the world into divisions, wars, and colonizations.  So much suffering for an ounce of pain!

Ang SILI! is Filipino for "The Chili!"   Philippine cuisine in the cities often use fats, sugar, artificial flavorings, and lots and lots of salt in seasoning food.  Taken into excess, and we would fall vulnerable to obesity, kidney failure, and other complications.  This blog aims to educate the viewers on appreciating spicy cuisines and their health benefits.  We would scour into restaurants, grocery aisles and even travel outside cities to get the kick we would soon be craving for.  

So prepare to get your tongues whipped, and Mr. Ang Sili! will meet you soon.